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Interested in your Scottish Roots and Planning a Visit to Scotland ?

If you are planning a trip to Scotland this summer, or next year, why not let Blue Thistle do some early ground work in advance ?

We can carry out some initial genealogy research to enable you to make the best of your visit.   

We can :

  • Produce your family tree
  • Extend your existing family tree
  • Identify places, houses and farms where your ancestors lived
  • Find living relatives with whom you could meet
  • Help you to follow up the information which you already have
  • Give advice about planning your research when you arrive in Scotland

If you start planning early, you will enjoy your Scottish visit even more !

Genealogy takes time, and after the trip, many visitors admit they just did not have enough time to do everything!    We have significant experience in these tasks and we can help you make the most of your visit to Scotland.



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From distant forebears to living relatives, we can help with your Scottish Genealogy research